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People who know me well will appreciate this photo
I always have my camera in my hand/s when I am out and about.
More ‘In My Hands’ can be found in the gallery.

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Today it is 500 hundred years since the tragic battle of Flodden took place.  King James IV of Scotland had come south of the border and was killed in the clash to become the last monarch from the British Isles to die in battle.
A moments silence is in order…

This photo depicts the monument that was [...]

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Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail and mankind the vessel.
Augustus Hare

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Last week I went for an eye test and contact lens health check, the latter was long overdue…
I set off from the office in plenty of time to travel and find a parking space, expecting to have 10 to 15 minutes to spare.  The best laid plans are often disrupted by unforeseen circumstances and this [...]

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More childhood games can be found in the gallery.

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During last years Diamond Jubilee celebrations some of our neighbours had organised a joint garden party. Unfortunately rain stopped play!  Instead we stopped inside in the warm and watched the Jubilee Flotilla on the television.
This is one of the photographs that I took from the BBC coverage of the Jubilee Flotilla.
More Red, White, Blue [...]

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