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I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.
Proverbs 8:17

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See my previous post for reference.

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Today it is 500 hundred years since the tragic battle of Flodden took place.  King James IV of Scotland had come south of the border and was killed in the clash to become the last monarch from the British Isles to die in battle.
A moments silence is in order…

This photo depicts the monument that was [...]

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Thought is the wind, knowledge the sail and mankind the vessel.
Augustus Hare

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I am going to be busy for a few days, so take a seat and enjoy the view.  I may be quiet but regular posts will still appear below this one…
If the view and the posts are not enough you could always pick up your favourite drink from the honesty bar in the lounge to help [...]

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Microscopic from
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: tiny, almost undetectable
Synonyms: atomic, diminutive, imperceptible, infinitesimal, invisible, little, minuscule, minute, negligible, teeny, wee
Antonyms: big, huge, large, macroscopic
There is a small Ted on my bed…
More interpretations of Microscopic can be found here.

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This weeks prompt was Orange which made me think of autumn leaves and Halloween pumpkins.  I do have photos that fit with that thought but as always I like to stretch my imagination.
So I present to you the Summer sun…
More Orange can be found in the week 24 gallery.

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