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The garden at Knole is only open on certain days and I keep picking the wrong day to visit.  So this is just a sneak preview of the garden through a gateway.

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The home of the Sackville-Wests:

The house is now in the care of the National Trust; however, the Trust only owns the house and about 43 acres (170,000 m2) of the park. Considerably more than half the house is still home to the Sackville-Wests. Lord Sackville and his family still own the gardens and the rest [...]

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Last year on one of my trips to Kent, there was just enough time (before catching the train home) to visit the Dover museum where the Bronze Age boat is housed. It is a very interesting exhibition, but sadly I have no photos, it was a bit too dark.  The photos here were taken [...]

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The first of the birthdays was celebrated with a party. It was a good excuse for many friends to meet up and share the occasion. A good time was had by all.
The second birthday was celebrated by a couple of days away from home in the Yorkshire Dales.  It was a nice relaxing time, but [...]

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