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It is ten years since my previous visit to the National Memorial Arboretum. The Memorial Arboretum is still as peaceful and moving as I remembered. There are now over 400 memorials so it is impossible to see them all during one visit.
This year this the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings so the Arboretum is [...]

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Liverpool Cathedral is a Church of England cathedral in the city of Liverpool, England. It is the seat of the bishop of Liverpool and is the mother church of the diocese of Liverpool. The church may be formally referred to as the Cathedral Church of Christ in Liverpool the Cathedral Church of the Risen Christ, Liverpool.[1] It is the largest [...]

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After my stint of volunteering in the visitor reception area in Attingham Park I was able to explore some of the newly installed features, ready and waiting for the school holidays.
I resisted walking the labyrinth until Mr C can join me. He always enjoys exploring a labyrinth of maze.

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When I woke up on Saturday morning, I asked Mr C if there was a plan for the day. He replied ‘a plan is emerging’. This is code for there is no plan.
I emerged from the bathroom to get dressed ready for the day and was informed that we were going to Liverpool to visit [...]

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… Gathering the cobwebs at Attingham Park.

Mum is feeling a little unwell again and her medical practice policy has not allowed her to do what the GP told mum she must do (if she felt unwell again) following his recent assessment of her health after her latest stay in hospital.

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Our recent day trip to London was so enjoyable we decided to visit London again the following week.
The train arrived on time but was delayed briefly due to a points issue. Once in London, we caught the Tube to Southwark where we intended to visit Southwark Cathedral and The Shard.
Before visiting either it was time [...]

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