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MUSCÀ – The Museum of Sicilian Cart invites you to discover its exclusive collection of Sicilian carts. A true icon of island folklore that arouses the curiosity of anyone who visits this land. Immerse yourself in keys, spindles and harnesses that will make you take a trip in the most authentic Sicilian tradition. The exhibition [...]

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This ruin is situated near to the Arabian Necropolis.

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The Necropolis is situatated just outside the town of Taormina.

In a wooded area along the Via Lurgi Pirandello, is a stretch of ancient wall with rows of recesses symmetrically arranged one above the other. These are not Roman ruins, as we might too hastily imagine, but the remains of an old Byzantine cemetery, probably used [...]

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… of the cooling towers

On Friday I climbed the Wrekin Hill, as did many other local people. The Wrekin was a good vantage point to watch the controlled demolition of the iconic cooling towers that have been prominent in the Ironbridge Gorge since the 1960s.
I am sad to see them go, they were part of [...]

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Yesterday Mr C and I had an afternoon in Ironbridge so that I could photograph the iconic cooling towers from Dale End Park. They are scheduled for demolition at the end of this week. I wasn’t the only one taking photos, many others had the same idea. I could tell that some of the photographers [...]

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These extensive remains of the Roman period are among the most representative in the whole of Sicily. They consist of a long brick wall dating from the Imperial age, which was restored only in 1943. The Restoration also brought to light part of the original pavement. Although these Roman remains, running parallel to the upper [...]

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Remains of a peristyle temple have been uncovered by excavations, incorporated into the foundations of the church of St. Caterina, located next to the south-western corner of Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II. In the absence of other evidence, fragments of the limestone geison (raking cornice) would permit to date the temple to the mid-3rd century BC. [...]

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