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The exact date of the foundation of St. Anne’s Church is not known. The present Grade 2 listed 19th century structure is the successor to at least three previous chapels on the same site, the first recorded of which was well established by the late 14th century. It is most likely to have originated some [...]

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The Mining Art Gallery located in Bishop Auckland contains artwork of prominent artists including art from  Tom McGuiness and Norman Cornish. The Mining Art Gallery provides a unique insight into the lives and souls of coal miners by depicting their life in the mines and the communities that grew around them.

These incredible pieces illuminate and [...]

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I had an enjoyable afternoon walk around Coalport with some lovely ladies from a local walking group

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Now the chapel of St. John’s College, the church of St. Mary The Less was founded in the 12th century as a garrison chapel for soldiers stationed on the nearby city walls.
Its name is believed to have been chosen to distinguish it from Durham Cathedral, which is dedicated to Christ, Blessed Mary the Virgin and [...]

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Wigmore was one of many castles built close to the England–Wales border after the Norman Conquest. Founded in 1067 by William Fitz Osbern, it was a major centre of power for over 500 years, and played host to several kings and queens. It was held by the Mortimer family from about 1075 to 1425, when [...]

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So striking was the massive circular tower built by Roger Picard II that his castle became known as Tretower – or ‘the place of the tower’.
Over two centuries, from about 1100, the Picards transformed themselves from invading Norman adventurers to powerful Welsh lords.
So this monumental tower with four storeys and stone walls nine feet thick [...]

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