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Public Sculpture was desligned by Bernard Meadows in 1968. It was commisioned by Eastern County Newspapers for placement at the entrance of the visitor receception area of their new offices.

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As I mentioned in my previous post I was unable to view parts of the Peterborough Cathedral due to it being occupied by invaders.
The invaders were animatronic dinosaurs from the National History Museum.  The exhibiton, entitled, ‘T. Rex: The Killer Question’ explored the question of whether T. Rex was a ferocious hunter or just a [...]

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The Norman Peterborough Cathedral was founded as a monastic community in 654 AD. The Cathedral is the burial place to two queens and the scene of Civil War upheavals.

During our visit the Cathedral was under occupation by a different threat. More on that in my next post.

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Billy Knights, a retired farmer began designing and creating the Water Gardens in 1970 in his 70th year. The site was a damp meadow which became too wet for cattle to graze.
Mr Knights’s son jokingly suggested he should have a water garden, which prompted him to draw out plans (on the back of a piece [...]

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The Chapel of St Mary on the Mount, known as the Red Mount Chapel, was built between 1483-85 by Robert Curraunt for William Spynke, the Benedictine prior of Lynn. It was for use by pilgrims travelling to the shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham. The chapel was built on ‘the hylle called the Lady of [...]

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