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I only had time for a quick walk without the opportunity to stop and take photos along the way. I took a couple of photos towards the end of my walk.

Over the month I walked 346,227 steps (139.51 miles).

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Tolkien’s inspiration for Durin’s Door was a little too far away for a Saturday afternoon excursion so I looked for inspiration in ‘The Churches of Shropshire & Their Treasures’ to find inspiration for suitable doorways that were fitting for the presentation of my medals for completing  ‘The Fellowship’ and ‘Mines of Moria’ challenges.

Within the books [...]

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My afternoon walk was in Attingham Park, always a lovely place for a walk.
I enjoyed the walled garden in glorious sunshine whilst the rainclouds floated ever closer. As I left the garden the clouds started to release their watery content leading me to walk the woodland paths so I could keep relatively dry.

It was a [...]

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I entered the Mines of Moria through Durin’s door. I then navigated my way through the mines meeting hazards along the way, to face one last hurdle where to my dismay a wizard went over the edge at Durin’s Bridge. Once on the other side of the bridge I was able to claim my medal.

Then [...]

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Some highlights from my post Windsor holiday walks.

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My medal for the second stage of my Lord of the Rings challenge has arrived.

I travelled from Bree  to Rivendell where I accepted the challenge to carry the One Ring to Mordor, At Rivendell a Fellowship, the Fellowship of the Ring was forged to help me on my quest.

The Fellowship has now arrived at Durin’s [...]

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Whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast, we were treated to another early morning river view. After breakfast, we stopped at the hotel reception area to request replacements for the essential items that had gone missing when our room was serviced the previous day.

Supplies suitably replenished, we returned to our room and gathered what we needed for [...]

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