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… just in time for lunch in Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery

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We arrived at the hospital to visit the patient who we last saw in the Escalation area, pending hospital admission. The Escalation area is basically a corridor between A&E and the hospital wards.
The patient was no longer registered on the A&E system and was now in AMU (Acute Medical Unit).
We had arrived too early for [...]

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Just before Christmas I noticed that the missing fallen lintels at my local ‘Woodhenge’ had been replaced. After seeing them my intention was to walk to them to provide a photo update.
Christmas was busy and in January lethargy set in, it was lovely and cozy at home and so easy to curl up with a [...]

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I Pledge…

… to walk 1000 miles in 2024

I fell by the wayside in 2023 and won’t quite meet my mileage by the end of the the year. I will dust myself off and start afresh in 2024.

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… along Brighton seafront.

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St John the Baptist’s Church was the first Catholic Church in Brighton. The building of the church was funded by Maria Fitzherbert a wealthy widow from Shropshire who became the secret first wife of George, Prince of Wales who later became King George IV. The marriage was kept secret because at that time it was [...]

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