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Situated among holm oaks, alder trees and chestnuts lies a natural cave displaying a statue of Eve.

Eve appears to turn, surprised, while her posture and that shy bringing of the hand to the face, communicate feelings of expectation and uneasiness. The technical skill of the sculptor is clear in the softness of the body, in [...]

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The central panel shows the legend of St. George killing a dragon outside the city of Antioch.
Below is his wife Sabra who has just borne three boys, one of whom is being carried off by a lion. This romantic addition to the legend was current in the sixteenth century.
St. George is the patron saint of [...]

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The floor at the east end of King’s College Chapel has been lowered to enable Rubens painting, the ‘Adoration of the Magi’ to be displayed beneath the great East Window.

This powerful masterpiece was painted by Sir Peter Paul Rubens in 1634 for the convent of the White Nuns at Louvain in Belgium, and was subsequently [...]

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Snowy Farr lived in Oakington and was a well known fundraiser for blind charities.

When Snowy retired he decided he wanted to help raise money for charity, so he stood on Market Hill collecting with his flowing white beard and dressed himself in a antique military uniform with an eccentric looking stripped top hat.
He became a [...]

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Mindful Colouring

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…Christian stories in glass

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