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Heaven and earth are not distant enough to separate the hearts which our Lord has joined.
St Francis de Sales

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At the side of the organ in the south transept [of the Church of St Cross], traces of wall paintings in a tomb recess are the last remains of what was once an altar to St Thomas of Canterbury, the martyred archbishop. A nearby door was where travellers coming from the continent to Canterbury arrived. [...]

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An oasis of beauty and tranquility, the Master’s Garden includes a wide range of plants with flowering interest throughout the year. The borders are very colourful in the summer months, with shades that are particularly sensitive to the historic location and grey garden walls. The garden includes a border planted to celebrate the Queen’s Golden Jubilee [...]

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The Brethren’s Hall is the place where the Brothers of the Hospital of St Cross formerly gathered to dine:

This atmospheric room with its fine roof made of Spanish chestnut was built as the Master’s hall c. 1340. When the Master’s lodging was moved west in the later 16th century it became the Brothers’ own hall.
Almost [...]

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Love is like a beautiful flower which I may not touch, but whose fragrance makes the garden a place of delight just the same.
Helen Keller

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Nestling in the water meadows alongside the River Itchen and in the shadow of St Catherine’s Hill lies the ancient Hospital of St Cross. Renowned for the tranquillity of its setting and the beauty of its architecture, the Hospital is one of England’s oldest continuing almshouses.These fine medieval buildings have provided food and shelter for [...]

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