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The Duomo (Cathedral), renovated in 1786, was originally built in the 11th century at the request of Nicola Rufolo, owner of the adjacent Villa Rufolo. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Pantaleone, the patron saint of the city.

The bronze embossed entrance door dates from 1179 and has 54 panels depicting scenes of the major mysteries [...]

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These are some of the views we were greeted with on the day of our arrival in Ravello:

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After breakfast we headed off to catch the 9.35  bus to Amalfi, which surprisingly (after our previous experiences) arrived on time! We were travelling to Amalfi so that we could catch a boat to Capri. We arrived just in time to book the 10.30 boat with a return journey. I was a little dismayed that [...]

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This morning I had forgotten to put the alarm on but, luckily, I woke up anyway. Straight after breakfast we made our way to the bus stop to try our luck at catching a bus to Amalfi. After a few minutes we learned from someone else in the queue that the bus had left seven [...]

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Strong gusts of wind outside the window shutters woke me up just before the alarm went off. I looked out of the window to find several sunbeds had blown into the hotel pool and that the balcony table’s cloth and cushions had blown onto the floor. We made our way downstairs to breakfast which was [...]

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