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Our breakfast was accompanied by a loud teleconference call that was taking place on a nearby table. The call was upsetting and my heart went out to the family who were coping with a premature birth. The nature of some of the conversation turned my stomach a little whilst I was trying to enjoy my [...]

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We had intended to set off around 10am but had run a little behind schedule. As we were just about ready to leave, the phone rang which contributed to us leaving nearly an hour later than we had intended.
We consulted ‘The Extra Mile’ book to find a suitable place for lunch and settled on Ferns [...]

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No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.
William Blake

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The medieval cross base, known as the ‘Weeping Cross’, would appear to be a unique survivor of many such crosses in England. The place name ‘Weeping Cross’ still exists in Stafford, Banbury and Shrewsbury but no physical evidence remains. The age of this ancient and venerable relic is not known. It is certainly as old [...]

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A quiet village just north of Harrogate, with a magnificent stately castle, surrounded by lovely gardens and parkland. Ripley Castle and All Saints Church face each other across the village’s cobbled square. The church contains the tombs of several of the Ingilby family, who’s descendants still live in the castle today. Within the churchyard is [...]

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