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The earliest part of the  Bishop’s Palace in Wells was built in 1206 by Bishop Jocelyn, who also built a two storey chapel on this site. Some years later between 1275 and 1292 Bishop Burnell used the existing foundations to change the chapel into the single storey building we see today. In the nineteenth century [...]

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After a good nights sleep we made our way downstairs for breakfast. Once in the breakfast room we found that a table for three had been set up in a prime location for stunning views over the garden towards Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Tor. The breakfast was every bit as superb as it was on [...]

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Just too late to see service during the Second World War, the Lincoln became the mainstay of Bomber Command post-war, but was destined for a short front line career as the Cold War and the jet age brought the shortcomings of its performance into sharp relief.
The RAF’s lack of an aircraft with sufficient range to [...]

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…led to Mr C feeling wanderlust.

We abandoned our household duties and set of towards the Brockhampton Estate in time to enjoy lunch in the tea room. The sun shone as we traveled towards Brockhampton and we were treated to some spectacular countryside views, but as we neared the Brockhampton Estate a large dark cloud appeared [...]

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As Mr C and I were leaving the hotel after breakfast we passed the gentleman I had been chatting to the evening before . We exchanged pleasantries and wished each other well for for the remainder of our respective travels. After the conversation Mr C and I made our way to Bowood House, taking the [...]

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The leafy Tivoli Park in Ljubljana is situated west of the city centre.
Named after the Jardins de Tivoli in Paris, it was first laid out during the period of Napoleonic rule in the early 19th century. Today it offers an appealing mix of order and wilderness, with well-tended lawns and trimmed shrubs alternating [...]

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