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A comfortable home telling the story of a brewer, a widow and three generations of the Lander family
Tucked away on the edge of Wellington is this rare suburban villa and mini-estate. As you walk up the large avenue of Wellingtonia trees the red-brick villa is unexpectedly revealed offering a chance to immerse yourself in a [...]

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The walls in the central hall at Wallington art covered in Pre-Raphaelite paintings by William Bell Scott. The paintings depict scenes from great moments in the history of Northumberland.
The result is a triumph of Pre-Raphaelite art, a colourful and vividly refreshing Victorian idealised vision of history, from the age of Celtic saints to the industrial [...]

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This photo taken through glass and in dim light is far from perfect but I wanted to share this exquisite model with you.

A model of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem which stood from 1145 until 1808. Perhaps more correctly called the Church of the Resurrection, this model is one of many made [...]

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The Hampshire church treasure Hinton Ampner, is found in the ancient church of All Saints, where vestiges of Anglo Saxon work can be glimpsed in the mainly Norman structure.
Hinton Ampner Church of All Saints, sits on it’s hilltop gazing out to Gander Down, in one direction it looks to the Meon Valley, in the other, [...]

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