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You might recall that I used to make an annual trip to London that was organised by one of my former work colleagues. Sadly last year’s trip was the final one but another excuse to travel to London at the same time of year arose. We were meeting up for an evening meal with family [...]

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The museum  of the Order of St John is housed within St John’s Gate, Clerkenwell. An entrance door with the gate leads to the reception gallery where you can pick up a guidebook or leaflet providing information about the galleries. The next room  is the link gallery which is designed in such a way to [...]

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We arrived at the coach pick up point in plenty of time for our annual coach trip to London. When the coach arrived and we got on board we were informed that after 40 years this would be the last trip unless someone else took it on. The journey ran smoothly and we made good [...]

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We booked a taxi to take us to the coach in good time for our annual trip to London. Normally, we drive and leave the car outside the local supermarket but on this occasion the trip coincided with an annual bonfire event and the place would be teeming with people. The journey to London ran [...]

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Tower Bridge (built 1886–1894) is a combined bascule and suspension bridge in London which crosses the River Thames. It is close to the Tower of London, from which it takes its name, and has become an iconic symbol of London.
The bridge consists of two bridge towers tied together at the upper level by means of two horizontal walkways, designed to withstand the [...]

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1: a large body of matter with no definite shape.
“the sun broke out from behind a mass of clouds”
pile, heap, stack, clump, cloud, bunch, bundle, lump
2: a large number of people or objects crowded together.
“a mass of cyclists”
large number, abundance, profusion, multitude, group, crowd, mob,rabble, horde,
barrage, throng, huddle, host, troop, army, herd, flock,drove, swarm, pack, press,
crush, mountain, flood
“a mass of cyclists”
1: involving or affecting large numbers of people or things.
“the film has mass appeal”
wholesale, universal, widespread, general, large-scale, extensive, pandemic
“mass hysteria”
1: assemble [...]

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