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The Church, dedicated to St. James, is preceded by the pronaos, with the beautiful portal and the fresco of Florentine Niccolo di Tommaso depicting Giacomo Arcucci offers the Charterhouse to the Madonna, of 1371.
At the Centre of the painting, the Madonna on the throne with child, on the left of the one who looks at [...]

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Santo Stefano is a Catholic church and former cathedral on the island of Capri, Italy. Dedicated to Saint Stephen, it is the principal house of worship in the town of Capri.[1] The religious complex was built around the Piazza Umberto Isquare in the seventeenth century. The archbishop’s palace is now used as the town hall (“Municipio”).[2] Santo Stefano and Chiesa di San Costanzo [...]

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The Duomo (Cathedral) of Salerno is dedicated to St. Matthew the Evangelist and was founded at the request of Robert Guiscard in 1076, the year that the Normans conquered the town of Salerno after a 7 month siege.
The current entrance, flanked with a sculptured lion and lioness is a modification of the former medieval entrance. [...]

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[The Church] was built in 1163 and dedicated to S. Matteo del Pendolo until 1727, but already in 1733 it is called S. Maria delle Grazie; the structure has three naves, divided by two round arches on each side, supported by columns with bare, triaxed capitals (on the outside the apses are isolated by two [...]

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The church, dedicated to St. John the Baptist stands of the site of an earlier building.
The church, preceded by a covered atrium , is annexed to the Franciscan convent. Originally a Latin cross , with three naves and eight chapels , following the eighteenth-century restorations, it is today presented as a single -barreled vaulted hall (until the 1980 earthquake decorated with frescoes ) and a [...]

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St Angelo in ancient times, was built in a grotto and later expanded into a”Hospital” to host wanderers and pilgrims. Inside a canalization system used to direct water filtered from the rocks towards a circular well and a small holding tank. The Church is portrayed in a xylography by Mauritius Cornelius Escher.

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