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In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
John 1:4

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The tower of the medieval Church of St Mildreds dominates the market town of Tenterden.

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From the Cathedral guidebook:

The pilgrim steps, their stone treads worn down by countless pilgrims over the centuries, are now protected by wooden boards. The shrine these pilgrims had come to visit was that of a an called William. Little is know about, him except that he was probably a baker from Perth in [...]

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This doorway was originally the night time entrance from the Monk’s dormitory, it currently leads to the chapter library. The Gothic style doorway contrasts Christianity with Judaism. On the left is Ecclesia represents Christianity and on the right Synagoga represents Judaism.
Synagoga is depicted as a blindfolded woman with a broken staff, the Tablets of [...]

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This twelfth century doorway gave access to the stairs that led to the monks dormitory. The shafts beside the doorway are of Tournai Marble from Belgium. Above the lintel is a ‘Tympanum’ on which is carved a scene showing Abraham about to sacrifice Isaac. The ram in a thicket, caught by its’ [...]

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