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For me and for thousands with similar inclinations, the most important passion of life is the overpowering desire to escape periodically from the clutches of a mechanistic civilization. To us the enjoyment of solitude, complete independence, and the beauty of undefiled panoramas is absolutely essential to happiness.
Bob Marshall

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Although there was probably an earlier Celtic church on the site Aldhelm is celebrated as the founder of the Christian Church in Sherborne in 705 AD. Founded as a cathedral it became an Abbey in 1075 before finally becoming the parish church of Sherborne with the dissolution of the monasteries.  For many it is still [...]

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The name “Sherborne Castle” was then applied to the new house, though today the term Sherborne New Castle is generally used to refer to it, in the same manner as “Sherborne Old Castle” is used for the ruins.
Through the early and mid-18th century William, 5th Lord Digby,[7] who laid out the grounds praised by Alexander Pope, and his [...]

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Sherborne Old Castle is a romantic 12th-century ruin set in beautiful grounds next to New Sherborne Castle.
After withstanding two sieges during the Civil War, only the Southwest Gatehouse and parts of the castle, including the Great Tower and the North Range, now survive. Loved by Sir Walter Ralegh, he leased the castle but when he [...]

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The Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul is situated next to Muchelney Abbey so we took the opportunity to visit after exploring the Abbey. As we entered we were surprised to see a groom with his best man and ushers and noticed that the church was all decked out ready for a wedding. [...]

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