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In prayer it is better to have a heart without words than words with out a heart.
John Bunyan

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The two half-relief figures of  wolves above the gateway are the only remainders of this edifice. The right-hand wall runs steeply up toward the Naamestraat to a ruin that is accesible via an outside staircase. The gateway appears to be an archway, but it was probably a wall tower in which a passageway to the [...]

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Owing to the ransackings by Protestant iconoclasts in 1579 and thefts by  French Revolutionists in 1793, the interior of the cathedral is far less rich than it was in medieval times. It nonetheless contains some fine stained glass, such as the Last Judgement Window, dating from 1528, on the west front of the cathedral, facing [...]

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Although it is the national church of Belgium. Cathedrale Sts-Michel-et-Gudule was granted cathedral status only in 1962. It was built with a sandy limestone brought from the local quarries and is one of the finest surviving examples of Brabant Gothic Gothic architecture
There has been a church on the site of the cathedral since at least [...]

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Palace of the Nation houses the parliament today. This forms an harmonious part of the perspective of Parc de Bruxelles. A symbolic site of the Belgian revolution of 1830, it was occupied by the people of Brussels during the attack against the Dutch.*

*From Brussels Guide – Collection ‘Beautiful Belgium’

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