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…on Valentines Day xx

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Be yourself, everyone else is taken

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There has been a church on this yew fringed patch of ground north of the River Thames since at least the 12th century, meaning that today’s congregation continue a tradition of worship that can be traced back nearly 1000 years.
The current chancel dates from the 12th century church but there is archaeological evidence of [...]

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Dorney Court is a Grade I listed Tudor manor house and is situated in the village of Dorney which lies on a slight rise in the Thames floodplain, Dorney means Island of Bumble Bees and the estate is renowned for its honey which is still produced to this day. The house has changed little since [...]

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…Christian stories in glass

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A church has graced the banks of the River Thames in Hurley since Saxon times.
Formerly a Benedictine priory the monk’s traditions of hospitality, care and spiritual renewal still continue to this day. And the chime of St Mary’s bells ring out across the village, as they have for over a millennium.*

In 1545 the estates passed [...]

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