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… after my haircut

My haircut was two weeks late after I had to cancel my original hair appointment due to mum being admitted to A&E after a fall. You can see from the photos that there is a reason why my hair needs cutting every four weeks!

Later in the day we enjoyed baked fish with [...]

6 Comments CherryPie on May 25th 2024

A friend was visiting to work on a war game scenario with Mr C followed by board games. I had just enough time for a local walk in the glorious sunshine. On my walk I took a selfie in the same place I took the rainy-day selfie on my way back from my recent volunteering [...]

No Comments CherryPie on May 20th 2024

My only walk today was around town shopping for hair essentials for mum. I parked in a distant car park so that I could get some steps in. I had intended to go for a more leisurely walk in the afternoon but the rain and ‘thunder’ led me to stay at home and do some [...]

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We were supposed to be on a mini break but due to a family medical complication this had to be postponed. Instead we enjoyed ‘Fine Dining’ at Chez Nous.

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