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Although Christmas this year has been an especially busy one for me, I have found a few moments to get my photo collections in order.  I have been working on sorting out my flickr collections so that they are up to date and the photos can be viewed by various collections.  It is only the [...]

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12 Comments CherryPie on May 15th 2013

I know the temperature is a little chilly and there is snow on the ground, but I am wondering if this is the perfect place to ‘rest a while with me’…

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From the guide book:
The focal point of the courtyard is the yew topiary on the eastern boundary.

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As I took this photo, Jams came to the forefront of my mind…

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From the Hardwick Hall guidebook:

The canopy halfway along the Gallery is one of the most magnificent examples of late 17th-century upholstery surviving in England. It had originally formed the tester and head of the bed in the state bedroom at Chatsworth supplied by Francis Lapierre in 1697. The 6th Duke installed it at [...]

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The Royal Arms are supported by a lion and a dragon.  The fireplace, which can be seen here is quite plain in comparison.

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