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…from her Easter weekend in York

Holiday diaries coming soon…

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The Duomo (Cathedral) of Salerno is dedicated to St. Matthew the Evangelist and was founded at the request of Robert Guiscard in 1076, the year that the Normans conquered the town of Salerno after a 7 month siege.
The current entrance, flanked with a sculptured lion and lioness is a modification of the former medieval entrance. [...]

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…Duomo di Salerno

Over the past couple of weeks several things have cropped up disrupting my routine and pulling me off in different directions. I haven’t had the space to clear my head to enable me to write about Salerno Duomo (Cathedral). Unless I get blown off course again the post is coming soon

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The Duomo of Amalfi, situated at the top of a long flight of steps, dominates the city’s main square. During the Middle Ages Amalfi was one of four powerful Maritime Republics of Italy. It traded prolifically with other countries, in particular the Orient and the Maghreb. The monument complex of the Cathedral (Duomo) is a [...]

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The Duomo (Cathedral), renovated in 1786, was originally built in the 11th century at the request of Nicola Rufolo, owner of the adjacent Villa Rufolo. The Cathedral is dedicated to St. Pantaleone, the patron saint of the city.

The bronze embossed entrance door dates from 1179 and has 54 panels depicting scenes of the major mysteries [...]

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