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One thing arises from all things, and all things arise from one thing.
Heraclitus, Fragment 10

Footnote – A short passageway near the entrance of Melrose Abbey features this ceiling boss ‘The carved Head of Christ’.

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An intricate pattern of ribs and bosses adorns the vaulted ceiling of the presbytery.  The central boss positioned directly above the high alter is a representation of the Holy Trinity attended by two angels.  To the west is St Andrew holding the cross and reading clockwise are St Bartholomew holding the flaying knife, St Peter [...]

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Melrose Abbey, in the heart of the beautiful Scottish Border country, was founded in the twelfth century by the Cistercian order of monks. They were drawn to this fertile spot beside the River Tweed through its intimate associations with the holy men St Aidan and St Cuthbert. The Abbey grew to be one [...]

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This maze was designed in 1980 by John Scofield and planted with 1500 Leyland Cypress trees donated by NICHOLAS SAUNDERS.  The first tree was planted by Anna Vaughan, the youngest child in the Traquair school.  In 1982 after an extremely severe frost two thirds of the Leyland Cypress died and were replanted with Beech.
The maze [...]

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Scott & Shackleton:

We are Pygmy goats originally from the Cameroon Valley in Africa. We love to frolick and climb things and are very friendly.
We eat greens and special grains and like to be cosy when it is cold.
We have been named after the famous explorers, Scott who led an expedition to the North Pole [...]

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