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I haven’t had any desserts recently so here is a picture from several years ago.
More desserts can be found in the gallery.

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more ‘My Work’ can be found in the gallery.

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…Back to My Hotel Room.

More ‘on my way’ can be found in the gallery.

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More ‘Round’ can be found in the gallery.

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Many activities took place to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Cragside:

2013 is Cragside’s 150th anniversary.
To mark the occasion, we’re showcasing a season of special events and activities called Building Dreams. which share Lord and Lady Armstrong’s pioneering vision.

More celebrations can be found in the gallery.

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Well perhaps not quite the first thing I see, the first thing I see would be my bedside table. The above photo is a view that I see as I go around opening the curtains in my house.  It is the view from my computer room.  How lucky am I
More ‘first thing [...]

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…Cuthbert of Farne.

Cuthbert became prior of Lindisfarne in 664, but decided to move to a quieter life of solitude on the island of Inner Farne:

Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island is one of the most important early centres of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. Founded in 635 and home to a small number of monks, it [...]

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