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After breakfast we set off on a walking tour around Cirencester that was based on the recommendations in the information pack the hotel had provided us with. Our first port of call was the Church of St John the Baptist which is situated in the market square. We walked around the burial ground before entering [...]

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Every abbey had a vegetable garden. The abbey’s gardeners grew a wide range of vegetables for the monastery kitchen such as onions, leeks and celery but also lesser-known vegetables such as winter radish, parsnip or spinach beet. The Parc Abbey was no different.
Up until the 16th century, important parts of the garden slope were planted [...]

8 Comments CherryPie on Aug 5th 2015

You may recall from a previous post that the abbey which held so much promise was closed on the day that we chose to visit.

Walking towards the buildings, we noticed that everything looked closed, despite the promotional leaflet from the tourist information office and the Abbey Park’s website, saying it should be open! We found [...]

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After such a long day  at Waterloo the day before, Mr C overslept a little so I got up quietly and read my book. Our plan for the day was to visit Abbey Park which is on the outskirts of Leuven. My plan was to go to hotel reception and ask about the travel options [...]

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