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In the afternoon after Mr C had finished his ironing and packing we headed off to Manchester where we were staying overnight because of an early flight the next morning. The SatNav took us on our normal route passed Jodrell Bank. The radio telescope’s dish was upturned and as it had just started to rain [...]

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The designer of Stoberry garden, Frances Meeres Young who with her husband owns the house and garden has written a short history of the estate.

Stoberry Park  and Garden- A Landscape Transformed
Stoberry House and Park occupies the site of a former Mediaeval field.
Stoberry is approached at the head of College Road. It was built by Peter [...]

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Microscopic from
Part of Speech: adjective
Definition: tiny, almost undetectable
Synonyms: atomic, diminutive, imperceptible, infinitesimal, invisible, little, minuscule, minute, negligible, teeny, wee
Antonyms: big, huge, large, macroscopic
There is a small Ted on my bed…
More interpretations of Microscopic can be found here.

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…has been sleeping in my bed?

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