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Sint-Jan-de-Doperkerk (Saint John the Baptist Church) is situated within the Groot Begijnhof.

The construction of the current Early Gothic church was started in  1305 and was completed between 1421 and 1468. The Saint John the Baptist Church is built in the local Rural Gothic style of Leuven but also has several Roman chatacteristics, such as heavy [...]

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We had another lazy start to the day and after breakfast we decided not to venture into the garden just in case we got locked in again. Instead Mr C decided to walk me to the Botanical Gardens so I could enjoy them whilst he made his way to the station to buy train tickets [...]

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Jacques Francquart and Pieter Husseyns designed this imposing baroque church (1629 – 1647), which reflects the one-time wealth of the Large Beguinage.  The paintings feature several female saints, evidence of the devotion of the beguines.*

*From the signboard in front of the church.

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Mechelen is a city of many historic churches, eight are promoted as places worthy a visit. We each picked a church of our wish list, for Mr C it was Church of our Lady Hanswidj and for me it was Beguinage Church and between us we decided to include Church of Our Lady Across the [...]

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