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This chapel was used from about 1590 until the opening of the Georgian Chapel in 1743. It contains three features, from the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries, which illustrate the gradual easing of persecution over the century and a half. At first all ‘Massing Stuff’ had to be concealed when not in use, and so, [...]

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The upper floor of a brick building in the grounds of Harvington was converted into a chapel in 1743. The chapel is accessed by an external staircase.

In 1823 this was badly damaged by fire and the original altar of oak was destroyed, together with some chalices and other relics which had been found inside it [...]

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A licence was granted in 1331 to John de Broughton ‘for Divine service in his oratory at Broughton’. It is a rare example of a 14th century private chapel. The fixed stone altar slab supported on three solid brackets and the encaustic tiles on the floor are all of the original date.*

The chapel can be [...]

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The chapel was probably built by the Brockhamptons around 1180. The octagonal font was carved from a single block of stone about the same date. The Domultons inserted the large east window, probably at the time they were building Lower Brockhampton House. The graveyard contains numerous burials – perhaps the remains of the inhabitants of [...]

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All that remains of the original furnishings is an older masonry altar slab and an altar stone.

On the altar stone sits a priceless treasure, a stone Pieta carved in the characteristic delicate style of the chivalric Gothic period of the second decade of the 15 century, which has unfortunately lost its original polychromatic covering and [...]

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The chapel takes its name from the beautiful heads of angels which decorate the vault. They were painted in around 1240 by Master William, the King’s Painter, and restored 1959-60.

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…lies an older place of worship.

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