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The suite of rooms includes a steam bath, a cold plunge, a hot bath and a shower, as well as water closets and a changing room. They are the lowest and the first completed part of Norman Shaw’s first addition to the original house. His plan, which shows that modifications were still being [...]

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Information about the rock garden can be found in this previous post of mine.

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The historic Iron Bridge within the grounds of Cragside was re-opened in 2009 for the first time in nearly 30 years.  The 19th century bridge spans the Debdon Burn and until that time the grade II listed bridge had been closed due to safety concerns.

It is now possible for visitors to walk across the bridge, [...]

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From the Cragside Garden Blog:

The Orchard House, we believe, was built circa 1870′s. We have no official documentation with regards to this but photos from around this time show the Orchard House and the old Top Terrace glasshouse range. However we believe that Lord Armstrong possibly designed the Orchard House and a company called [...]

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