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In September 2014 archaeologists discovered an encampment  about 1.5  miles away from Stonehenge. Using carbon dating it has taken until now to be able to determine the age of the encampment to be around 6,000 years old.
Canada Now reports:
The site of the encampment has been named Blick Mead and it is about 1.5 miles from [...]

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The ruins of Wolvesey Palace are situated next to the current residence of of the Bishop of Winchester.

The surviving ruins of Wolvesey were largely the creation of one man, Bishop Henry of Blois (1129-71), who built a palace befitting his immense wealth and powerful position.
When Henry of Blois became bishop of Winchester in 1129, the [...]

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The West Kennet Avenue leading to the Avebury circle can easily be seen whilst driving to and from Avebury on the whilst travelling along the B4003. Originally there would probably have been around 100 pairs of standing stones.

Each pair arranged roughly  20-30cm from the next pair with the stones of each pair standing around 15m [...]

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The breakfast was totally chaotic. On arrival there was no juice, fruit bowls or cereal bowls. I pointed out there were no bowls and the waitress said she would get some.  I waited five minutes and nothing happened… I gave up and went to fetch my side plate and put the fruit (strawberries, raspberries and [...]

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Book Overview (from book cover):
Silbury Hill is an iconic monument within the Stonehenge and Avebury World Heritage Site, and the largest prehistoric mound in Europe. Written by two authors with unrivalled information and knowldedge of the Hill and combining scholarly research and readable narrative, the book tells the story of the early recognition of its [...]

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Synopsis (From the English Heritage website):
‘Stonehenge, where stones of wonderful size have been erected after the manner of doorways … no one can conceive how such great stones have been so raised aloft, or why they were built there’From Henry of Huntingdon’s History of the English People, written in about 1130
Stonehenge [...]

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I have always been fascinated by Silbury Hill which is the largest man-made mound in Europe. Mysterious Silbury Hill compares in height and volume to the roughly contemporary Egyptian pyramids. Probably completed in around 2400 BC, it apparently contains no burial. There are many theories as to why the hill was built but the hill [...]

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