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This ‘historic chalet’ was built in 1874 and is the former residence of the  Amrein-Troller family.  It is now a musem displaying many interesting historical facts (in particular the historical geology) of the region.

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This sandtone slab from the ‘Rotsee strata’ exhibits an array of aquatic life forms which lived at the bottom of the sea bay just under 33ft deep.  These life forms fed on suspended organic matter which they filtered through their gills.

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In 1872 during the course of building work on a wine cellar, Josef Wilhelm Amrein-Troller discovered a rock along with its 32 large potholes. These features were formed by the action of water and stones that fell through crevasses in the overlaying glacier.
The glacier garden was created to preserve the feature.  It is coverd [...]

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I woke refreshed after a good nights sleep. The breakfast choice was good and there were different seating areas to choose from including the balcony option.
After breakfast we took a leisurely walk along the lake past the Hofkirche, taking in the views of Pilatus on our way towards the Lion Monument.  We stopped for [...]

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