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It is probable that the steep sided valley we know as Jesmond Dene has always been wooded, but gradually, industries crept in and by the 19th century the Dene was home to watermills, various quarries and pits and an iron foundry. Prior to the mid 1800s the woodland was probably more straggly than today and interspersed with a heavy undergrowth [...]

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The Vermont breakfast was up to its usual standard.  We had become accustomed during our recent hotel stays to table service being the only option due to Covid safety issues but unexpectedly the usual buffet service was on offer.   However, a time slot needed to be booked in advance to restrict the flow of people in [...]

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If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way.

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Working in the garden… gives me a profound feeling of inner peace.
Ruth Stout

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We enjoyed our brief visit to Jesmond Dene and hope to return soon to further explore the tranquil delight.
In the 1850s, William Armstrong acquired the land which is now known as Jesmond Dene:

It is probable that the area we know as Jesmond Dene has always been wooded but, prior to the mid 1800s the wood [...]

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Rain was gently falling when I woke up so there was no chance for a last linger on the roof terrace, although when the rain stopped I went outside and could almost smell the fresh air (I have no sense of smell). The service at breakfast was quicker than it had been on the previous [...]

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