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Just over a week ago, early on Friday morning Mr C learned that one of his closest friends had passed away suddenly the previous evening. It was difficult to take in the reality as the friend was only 51 and always so full of life. This left us both a little sombre over the weekend.

On [...]

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Yesterday some good friends visited for the afternoon, a good time was had by all.

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A Sad Day…

…the last of the Don Nuno has entered the building.

Lustau have changed their distributors and my local wine supplier doesn’t deal with the new distributor.  On the plus side they have promised to get samples of similar Sherries from their new distributor.  I will let you know

In the meanwhile a good discussion on [...]

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Last weekend was a little busy for me, I was packing away the contents of my kitchen cupboards and clearing the kitchen in preparation for the fitting of a new one, which started on Monday. It shouldn’t have been too difficult, but there were rather too many interruptions and distractions which made it take [...]

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