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After breakfast we set off through the pretty countryside to Traquair, stopping along the way to photograph the River Tweed. We managed to arrive a little early but the gate was open and the kiosk manned so we were able to go in. One again the weather was glorious so we chose to look around [...]

12 Comments CherryPie on Oct 16th 2018

This maze was designed in 1980 by John Scofield and planted with 1500 Leyland Cypress trees donated by NICHOLAS SAUNDERS.  The first tree was planted by Anna Vaughan, the youngest child in the Traquair school.  In 1982 after an extremely severe frost two thirds of the Leyland Cypress died and were replanted with Beech.
The maze [...]

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When you lay out all possible pathways, no matter how ridiculous or counter intuitive they may seem, and sort the multitude of data, events, and actions upon their appropriate piles, a new reality may emerge to compete against your own bias. It is your ability to believe and amend your belief system, which separates you [...]

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In times past, pilgrims followed a circular route, sometimes on their knees, as an act of piety, penitence or meditation. Pilgrims would also follow more complicated labyrinths, the most famous of which is Chartres. Our simple mown spiral version may be further developed at Arley.
Michael Dervill
Head Gardener

I for one hope that they do [...]

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After the detour round the aviary we took our chances and walked into the Maze.  The puzzle was quite challenging and we thought we had tried all avenues to get to the centre, but we were still lost within the Maze.  I decided we should test out plan B, a tested way to reach the [...]

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