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The ceiling paintings in Witley Parish Church were painted by the Italian artist Antonio Bellucci.  The three principle paintings on the ceiling are; the lamentation,  the ascension and the nativity.
The main paintings are surrounded by ten small paintings of cherubs ; Crown of thorns, Chalice, Judas’ money bag, Christ’s raiment and dice, Ladder, Hammer and [...]

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This is a picture on 18th century glass painted by Thomas Jervais.
This panel was restored in 2000:

The glass panel had been broken in many places an repaired with lead over the last century which was not sympathetic to the original construction. The panel was restored for the National Trust in 200 by Alfred Fisher.
The painting [...]

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This picture is in the Henry VIII Banqueting Hall at Leeds Castle. The hall was created for the visit of Catherine of Aragon on 22nd May, 1520 when he was on route  for Dover to embark for Henry’s historic meeting with Francis I of France, known as the Field of the Cloth of Gold.
Fashion [...]

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