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The pulpit is the place where, every Sunday, the preacher uses the Bible readings to explain the Christian faith and to apply it our lives today.*

The modern sculpture above the pulpit, ‘Christ in Majesty’ by Peter Ball is carved from oak and covered in copper, brass & gold leaf. It reminds us that the responsibility [...]

10 Comments CherryPie on Dec 1st 2018

The monumental pulpit, sculpted in 1721-1723 by Michiel Vervoort (1667-17-37) from Antwerp.  It was first placed in the conventional church of the Nobertine nuns of Leliendael (Bruul, actual Jesuit church), there it stood at full width against a plain wall. After the French revelution it was transferred to the cathedral in 1809 and Jan Frans [...]

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Following on from the windmills our next port of call was the Jerusalem Church (Jeruzalemkark).

The striking Jeruzalemkerk was built between 1428 and 1465 and is a curious combination of Byzantine and Gothic styles. It was built by the Adornes family, originally merchants from Genoa, who had travelled on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem and were [...]

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