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The name Ouse is from the Celtic or pre-Celtic *Udso-s,[2] and probably means simply “water” or slow flowing river.[3] Thus the name is a pleonasm. The lower reaches of the Great Ouse are also known as “Old West River” and “the Ely Ouse”, but all the river is often referred to simply as the Ouse in [...]

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The Anglo Saxon Chronicle of 912 records a settlement called Oxenford at a pace where local people would drive their cattle across the river. The popular belief has always been that the city takes its name from the words “ox” and “ford” and that the crossing place was here, at was is now Folly Bridge.
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The day started out with some very persistent and irritating mobile phone calls and texts.  Unfortunately I wasn’t close enough to the canal, once again I had the urge to surgical remove the phone and dispose of it!!  After breakfast I retired to the hotel garden with my camera until the phone calls stopped.
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