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The Hall of Steel is the architectural centerpiece of the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. This elegant steel and glass tower is unusual in that the double-glazed glass panels are fixed to an external stainless steel frame.
The displays on the stairwell consist mainly of 17th-century armour and 19th-century military equipment. There are over 2,500 items [...]

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Elephants played a role in warfare from the first millennium BC until the 19th century. They were used mainly in India and Southeast Asia but also occasionally in western Asia, north Africa, Spain and Italy.
During battles trained war elephants were able to trample men and horses or pick them up and throw them. They also [...]

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This scene shows a wounded tiger turning and attacking his pursuers. The incident is described in ‘Sport in Many Lands’, a book written by H. A. L (Henry Astbury Leveson) ‘The Old Shekarry’, one of the most famous game hunters of Victorian times.
Levison served in the Indian army from 1845 to 1854 and returned on [...]

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We had a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed, after which we were treated to an excellent breakfast; fruit juices, cereals, fruit and jams from the buffet and a choice of items from the full cooked breakfast menu that were all cooked to order.

The morning was crisp and misty. Our car needed demisting before [...]

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From The Royal Armouries website:

A tradition of displaying British military strength by creating trophies from masses of weapons has long existed at the Tower. From about 1700 visitors to the Grand Storehouse were stopped in their tracks by John Harris’s stunning displays and models, including a serpent and a seven-headed hydra, which he created from [...]

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