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…Cuthbert of Farne.

Cuthbert became prior of Lindisfarne in 664, but decided to move to a quieter life of solitude on the island of Inner Farne:

Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island is one of the most important early centres of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. Founded in 635 and home to a small number of monks, it [...]

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More Gold can be found in the gallery.

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The Lion Monument is one of the Lucerne tourist attractions. The sculpture of a dying lion pierced by a spear is a monument to the Swiss Guards of Louis XVI of France:

On 10 August 1792, the guards defended the Palais des Tuileries, in Paris. When it was stormed by revolutionaries. Those who survived [...]

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Above the Thornton brass is a sculpture designed by Stephen Cox.  It represents a broken Communion wafer and the meniscus of a cup of Communion wine.

high up on the back of the reredos, is a curious sculpture of two discs.  The top one, in Egyptian alabaster, represents a broken Communion wafer while the second, in [...]

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