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Douglas is carved from a 140-year-old fallen pine within in the grounds of the Cragside Estate. The artwork was created by Tommy Craggs from Durham.
The latest edition of the National Trust Magazine provides a brief news snippet:

Tree carvings can be seen in places ranging from inner-city Victorian parks to the great landscapes of the National [...]

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This sculpture stands inside The Parish Church of St Mary, Lindisfarne:

In the south aisle stands the imposing statue known as The Journey, depicting the monks of Lindisfarne carrying St.Cuthbert’s body on the first stage of its journey to Durham and is probably the first thing to catch the visitor’s eye. The sculpture is an acclaimed [...]

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…Cuthbert of Farne.

Cuthbert became prior of Lindisfarne in 664, but decided to move to a quieter life of solitude on the island of Inner Farne:

Lindisfarne Priory on Holy Island is one of the most important early centres of Christianity in Anglo-Saxon England. Founded in 635 and home to a small number of monks, it [...]

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More Gold can be found in the gallery.

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The Lion Monument is one of the Lucerne tourist attractions. The sculpture of a dying lion pierced by a spear is a monument to the Swiss Guards of Louis XVI of France:

On 10 August 1792, the guards defended the Palais des Tuileries, in Paris. When it was stormed by revolutionaries. Those who survived [...]

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