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Breakfast was just as quirky as on previous days, never knowing when the toast would arrive. Today after a reminder the toast arrived late and cold. Too late to accompany my breakfast!

As we stepped out of the hotel, we found that the weather was wonderfully sunny with a bright blue sky and fluffy clouds. It [...]

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For some 750 years Durham Castle was the ceremonial palace of the Prince Bishops of Durham.  Since the 1980s it has been the home of the University College, the foundation College of the University of Durham.
Within the castle are many interesting features including the Great Hall and the Black Staircase, but the part of the [...]

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Flodden Field

The photographs in yesterday’s blog post were taken at Flodden Field, which over the years has witnessed many battles between the English and the Scots.  One of the most famous battles was the Battle of Braxton Moor which is more commonly known as the Battle of Flodden Field.  It is hard to believe that such [...]

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