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We set off later than we intended, stopping at Warwick services for lunch. The place was heaving, so we picked up some sandwiches and drinks for an in-car picnic before continuing on our journey, which took us to a small village called Brill. Brill was Tolkien’s inspiration for the village of Bree in Lord of [...]

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… He is back from his recent adventures in Harrogate

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We arrived at breakfast to find that it was a self service buffet arrangement. The choice was extensive although the experience wasn’t entirely pleasant. Some guests picked up bread then changed their mind and put it back in the stack. Others were crowding around the toast machine and coughing and sneezing whilst waiting for the [...]

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For breakfast I chose the continental option which was delicious. Afterwards, we returned to the Cathedral to appreciate some of the things that I had learned about in the guidebook I purchased the previous day. Some of the Cathedral’s features were now temporarily covered over for a student graduation event. It was lucky that we [...]

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… in Ledbury

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