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We arrived at breakfast to find that most items were in short supply, causing us to hurry through breakfast rather than tarry a while.

We walked to Durham Town square to see various features including the History time line that is featured on the pathway across the square. We ventured into the market to see its [...]

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Ljubljana Town Hall (Slovene: Ljubljanska mestna hiša, also known as Ljubljanski rotovž or simply Rotovž or Magistrat) is the town hall in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is the seat of the City Municipality of Ljubljana. It is located at Town Square in the city centre close to Ljubljana Cathedral.
The original building was built in [...]

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Brussels Town Hall is one of the Belgium’s finest civic buildings. Not only because of the numerous sculptures adorning its walls, but also because of its perfect proportions and the incomparable beauty of its tower, the spire of which is topped by the archangel Saint Michael, Brussels laid the foundation stone of the magnificent Gothic [...]

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The inside of the Staduis provides as much interest as the outside. Here are some of the many interesting rooms within.

The Gothic Hall
This is the room where Leuven town council meets, even after the relocation of all the municipal services and the councillors’ offices to newer premises.

The beam blocks on the market side are [...]

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Built between 1439 and 1463 from the profits of the cloth trade, Leuven’s Stadhuis was designed to demonstrate the wealth of the city’s merchants. This tall and distinctive building is renowned for its lavishly carved and decorated facade. A line of narrow windows rises up over three floors beneath a steeply pitched roof adorned with [...]

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…of the Town Hall complex.

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The present day Town Hall in Mechelan is situated on the Grote Markt:

It consists of two parts: the cloth hall with unfinished belfry and the Palace of the Great Council. Why wasn’t the belfry ever finished? The cloth trade went into decline in the fourteenth century and there wasn’t the money to complete the building. [...]

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