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From Wiki:
The headland towering over the mouth of the Tyne has been settled since the Iron Age. The Romans occupied it. In the 7th century a monastery was built there and later fortified. The headland was known as PEN BAL CRAG
The place where now stands the Monastery of Tynemouth was anciently called by the Saxons [...]

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The five of us were able to sit at the same breakfast table that we had the previous morning. I opted for eggs Benedict but found that there was a little too much hollandaise sauce for my taste. One of the lifts was out of order, delaying progress to and from the hotel rooms to [...]

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…at Tynemouth priory and Castle.

Because of their strategic position commanding the approaches to the river mouth, the artillery defences of Tynemouth remained in use between the mid-16th and mid-20th centuries. Like all English coastal defences, they were not always adequately armed, supplied or manned, being made ready or updated only when conflict was imminent.
From about [...]

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More ‘Round’ can be found in the gallery.

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…The New Coastguard Station.

The new coastguard station was built in 1980 and closed in 2001 due to advancing technology.  BBC News reporting 28th September 2001:

Coastguard responsibilities for the North East pass to Humberside on Friday with the closure of the Tyne Tees station at Tynemouth.
New digital equipment has been installed at a station in Bridlington, [...]

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The site of Tynemouth Castle an Priory is rich in history:
The dramatic headland at Tynemouth is a natural fortress commanding the entrance to the river Tyne, the gateway to Newcastle. Connected to the mainland only by a narrow neck of rock and defined by tall cliffs, Tynemouth headland was virtually unassailable before the development [...]

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We packed our bags, had breakfast and checked out of the hotel before setting off for Tynemouth in glorious sunshine.  We enjoyed a short walk around the Spanish Battery and the towering Collingwood monument before visiting Tynemouth Priory & Castle.  The site contains interesting history including gun batteries that were used in the first and [...]

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