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The original Norman east end of the Cathedral was built upon a crypt, which remains virtually unchanged. It contains a well, underneath the High Altar, which my pre-date the present Cathedral.*

This superb low-vaulted stone crypt, which floods in rainy months, dates from the 11th century, the earliest phase of building the Cathedral. Here you’ll find Antony [...]

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On my first visit to Winchester Cathedral one of the south transept chapels, The Chapel of St John the Evangelist and the Fisherman Apostles, drew me in. Within this chapel can be found the grave of Izaak Walton, who became famous as the author of ‘The Complete Angler’.

The modern altar by Peter Eugine Ball [...]

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12 Comments CherryPie on Dec 2nd 2016

St Swithun is the Saxon patron saint of Winchester Cathedral. Before the reformation his bones were displayed in a reliquary within the Benedictine Monastery. The reliquary and shrine to St Swithun was destroyed in 1538 by the commissioners of  King Henry VIII.

The life of St Swithun, an Anglo-Saxon bishop, is rich in legend. A century [...]

20 Comments CherryPie on Nov 22nd 2016

After breakfast which was much quieter than the previous day, we walked through the Cathedral close towards Cheney Close so that we could show mum the church over the bridge. On our way we saw the Christmas market being set up in the Cathedral close but as we turned the corner we were dismayed to [...]

4 Comments CherryPie on Oct 28th 2016

The breakfast was every bit as good as we remembered from our first visit. The breakfast room was rather full due to the wedding guests from the day before. Thankfully the kids had worn themselves out and were quiet during breakfast.

We set off to Portsmouth to visit the Mary Rose Museum. The journey went smoothly [...]

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We didn’t set off to Winchester as early as we planned and after picking up my mum and a brief stop on the motorway led to us arriving in Winchester at lunch time. We parked on the hotel car park and Mr C went to reception to tell them that we had arrived and would [...]

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