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The Language and Meaning of the College Motto:

‘Manners makyth man’ is the motto of both the institutions founded by William of Wykeham, New College and Winchester College. Although no contemporary record attests to this, it is often thought that Wykeham devised it himself and appended it to his coat of arms.1 We do not know when [...]

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…lies an older place of worship.

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All students who attend Winchester college are required to attend Sunday services in the chapel.

The guide who took us round the college explained that the main window in the church was a replica. The original had gone for cleaning and those undertaking the operation damaged some of the pains of glass. So they made a [...]

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From the college website:

William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester and Chancellor (or, as we would now say, Prime Minister) of England, was a self-made man born at Wickham, Hampshire, in about 1323. By his personal talents, by a patron’s gift of an education, and above all by a certain natural toughness, he worked his way [...]

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