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Created by King Charles II, the Long Walk was introduced in 1680 – although it was not until 1683 that the avenue was extended to its current length. The iconic Copper Horse which stands guard over the Long Walk was also a later addition.
This impressive statue, depicting King George III on horseback, was erected in [...]

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The island’s name dates from when the Ray family managed a flour mill here. Boulter’s weir is situated at one end of the small island.

The weir is the latest in a series built here over the last 600 years. Early weirs were solid banks of interwoven stakes filled with stones built across the river. No-one [...]

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Situated near to Boulter’s Lock and the nearby Ray Mill Island is the Boulter’s telephone Kiosk.

This kiosk was installed on this site in 1926, the year Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II was born, and remained here until 1979 when the Post Office found it uneconomical to maintain as it was in a state of needing [...]

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Located on Windsor High Street next to the Guild Hall is a green hexagonal Penfold post box.

This broke the standard pattern and so in 1866 the Post Office again produced a standard letter box. This time the box was designed by J W Penfold and came in three sizes. Problems were encountered with some of [...]

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Near to Windsor castle, situated next to a more usual red pillar box is a blue George V pillar box. The blue pillar box displays the history of ’special’ blue pillar boxes:

On 9th September 1911, Gustav Hamel took of from Hendon Aerodrome to inaugurate the first United Kingdom aerial post and landed in Shaw Farm [...]

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We enjoyed our final breakfast with a window view over the Thames, making a full set of breakfasts with window views. Before checking out, Mr C parked the car at the back of the hotel near to our room so that we could load our cases into the car easily. As we were loading the [...]

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