100photos2This was one of my favourite sweet treats when I was a youngster, I especially liked the taste of the perilous green ones. The pink Quality Street tin on the right also brings back memories, with it’s Victorian images and chocolates double wrapped in foil and cellophane. I used to try and smooth the foil out as flat as possible, hopefully without a single crease and I used to have fun experimenting with the cellophane in front of a camera lens ;-)

So many Christmas memories unfold and roll back into one happy memory. Family, friends, fun, laughter, the occasional tear, frost, snow, school concerts, singing at Ironbridge on Christmas Eve; which reminds me we did the same in the local pubs, hospitals and old peoples homes. So many happy faces over the years…

They even remind me of the class bully at junior school and my inadvertent comment which much later led to the sharing of chocolates.

All those years ago I didn’t appreciate how many memories a box of Mackintosh’s Weekend could hold locked up inside…

Memory Box

16 Comments CherryPie on Jul 24th 2010

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  1. Sean Jeating says:

    Ah, Quality Street … oh, Cadbury … sweet memories, indeed.

  2. Sean Jeating says:

    A pity for all who’d never feel a piece of Cadbury’s melt on their tongue.
    Fortunately, someone who anticipated my taste created Hobnobs. :)

    There’s something else I do see in front of my eyes, even do have its 40-years-old taste on my tongue, but I can’t think of the proper name. It’s a selection of different sweets, each containing of liquorice.
    [(Latest) Above's sub-clause once again gives evidence of this commenters ability to speak and write English in a way that is exquisitely stran ... well, let's call it suboptimal.]

    Anyway, as long as you understand what I am trying to say … :)

    A cherry-esque Sunday to you and yours.

    • CherryPie says:

      I don’t think I know the selection of different sweets containing liquorice…

      For the chocolatey taste Green & Blacks has been my favourite for a number of years.

      Now for that cherry-esque Sunday, not forgetting that cherry-pie Sunday is coming around very soon :-)

      • Sean Jeating says:

        Oops, so it’s not tomorrow … err … today cherry pie Sunday?

        Oh well, consoling myself: Isn’t every Sunday a Cherry Pie Sunday?

        Anyway: Have a lovely one, you and yours.

        • CherryPie says:

          The cherry-esque-pie Sunday is the first Sunday in August apparently.

          And yes every Sunday (especially with friends) is a CherryPie Sunday :-)

          Wishing you a lovely Sunday too :-)

  3. Claudia says:

    Thank you Cherie. You bring back great memories of my children’s grandparents, in Liverpool, sending to the two little boys they never saw (except in photos), the English sweets their father had enjoyed when growing up. They never forgot them on Birthdays and all Special Days in between. Today, it’s easy to get sweets from every country in shops. But, in those days, it was very special. What a good time those airmail gifts gave to my sons. The dear, dear people…

    • CherryPie says:

      They sound like fond and happy memories to me. But it also must have been difficult for the grandparents not to see their grandchildren.

      It is true that we can get sweets and other things in our shops from all around the globe now, but at what cost…

  4. I remember “Weekend”! Thank you….

  5. liz says:

    Quality Street, ah yes, now you’re talking. Weekend though was a strange mixture. I’d forgotten about them.

  6. Chrissy says:

    I had forgotten Weekend too, I must have like Quality Street best, great photo. Strange to see that tin again, my Mum had one out just like it the other day when I went to visit, it is full of old buttons :)

  7. sally says:

    never heard of “weekend” chocolates but of course Christmas would not be Christmas without the Quality street :-)