I gained 1lb this week which could be due to the fact that I was back in my winter clothes again this week which weigh heaver than my thin summer ones.  Anyway I am going to shake up my eating habits this week to see if I can get back on track properly.

Weight Loss - Week 40

11 Comments CherryPie on May 6th 2011

11 Responses to “Weight Loss – Week 40”

  1. liz says:

    I’ve had a bad week too. Back on track from this minute, definitely. I feel encouraged by you.

  2. Claude says:

    You didn’t go on a binge as it happens sometimes halfway in a weight loss program. One then might gain 2-3 lbs very hard to lose. But you just put on I lb. You’ll go back on track and it will be gone in the next weeks. If the weather warms up, you’ll be able to walk a bit more. It’s OK, Cherie. Not to worry.:-)

    • CherryPie says:

      Thanks for your support Claude :-)

      The problem is just being out and about eating at other peoples places. So I guess as you said I haven’t done too badly with only 1lb gain.

  3. Denise says:

    I had a bad week a couple of weeks ago but am back on track now with a loss of 2.5lb last week. Keep at it honeypot! xxx

  4. Andrew says:

    If the weather warms up, Claude, she’ll lose the 1lb just by the change of clothes. Honestly, I’ll never understand people who don’t use a consistent system. I always weigh myself naked, which is great for scientific accuracy but perhaps not quite so much fun for my wife, or the neighbours one the occasions when I forget about the curtains… but at least I never weigh-in at Boots the Chemist’s shop. That might cause deaths due to the surging crowd (trying to get out). But seriously, even just underwear could be acceptable if the rigorous alternative is too upsetting, but consistency one way or another is required.

    • CherryPie says:

      For decency I don’t get weighed naked in a public meeting, I am not that much of an exhibitionist ;-)

      So unfortunately I have to just put up with the little inconsistencies, but I know I will get there in the end ;-)

      I hope you are doing OK with your weight loss. Well I know you are, probably much better than me :-)

  5. sally says:

    i have gone back to slimming world the only thing that really works for me. I especially love trying out all the wacky recipes like mushy pea curry and thankfully Geoff does not complain. weight is a life long battle i fear :-(