View from the Old Town Walls

We made what, because of the heat, seemed a long trek to the old town wall in order to view it and climb some of its towers. When we  arrived at the wall I wimped out part way up the first tower (I am not very good with heights) so, whilst Mr C ascended the tower,  I opted to take the short walk along the ramparts to the next tower and then down to ground level. I was glad when I arrived back at ground level where I found a nice bench in the shade to wait for Mr C.

When Mr C rejoined me, we made our way back into to town where I had one more of those refreshing mineral water and berry drinks.  We then strolled through the town where Mr C found a book shop to investigate.   He didn’t manage to find anything to purchase but I found a rather interesting board game which I did purchase.  Later we went to a nearby bakery to buy a sandwich which we ate in a nearby public park accompanied by sparrows who fed off any stray crumbs.

After lunch we visited the ‘Rosengart Collection‘. This is a gallery of  modern art including paintings by impressionist artists and a large number of Picasso’s works.  After enjoying this museum we made our way to the lake where we relaxed over a leisurely drink and enjoyed the views whilst waiting for the arrival of the boat that was to take us on a panoramic tour of the lake. The tour of the lake was nice and relaxing, the more so because it was accompanied by a refreshing glass of wine. It just had to be done ;-)

For that evening’s meal, we chose to return to the same restaurant that we ate in on our first evening in Lucerne. Thunderstorms were imminent so, to keep dry, we sat outside but underneath an overhanging roof. A number of Swiss army officer cadets from a nearby training school were occupying a large table in the restaurant. This made service for us a little slower than our first experience there.

Earlier, we had tried to check in online for our return flight with the intention of avoiding the problems we had incurred on our outward journey. Technology problems made this a little difficult so we abandonded it until after dinner when I insisted we try again!  We checked in successfully only three hours after the earliest time that we could have and took the last two seats that were adjacent to each other.  We also noticed that very few seats remained available after we had secured ours. I wonder how many people didn’t get a seat on the flight…

Our usual bar was full of Swiss army officer cadets, milling around, so plan B was put into action which, just around the corner, led to the discovery of another bar that was full of locals and had a nice, relaxing atmosphere.

I could hear the officer cadets partying underneath my hotel bedroom window and indulging in what sounded like drinking games well into the night…

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  1. It does seem to have much to offer

  2. Ayush says:

    lovely narrative. very well described.

  3. amfortas says:

    Beautifully described, Cherie. A lazy day with a quiet atmosphere, brought to life for us.

    About those cadets at the adjoining table. Maybe you should have greeted them.

    It brought to mind one ‘dining out’ that I attended when on a ‘course’ in the RAF. It was the ‘JCSS’ at Ternhill in Shropshire. The ‘Jesus Christ Super-Star’ course for up and coming junior Officers. We ended the time there with the usual end of course dinner, but with a twist. Several dozen young men (and a few women) ‘cream’, beautifully attired in Mess Kit and miniature medals, sat down to a full ‘Truckies Plate’ at a well-used Truck-Stop café. Toasts were made to the Queen in large mugs of tea.

    The tables around were busy with travelling folk, mostly working truckies, who took great interest in our table manners and formalities and engaged us in great banter. We enjoyed the full British Breakfast-cum-lunch-cum- ‘Tea’ (the menu did not vary for time of day) without the delay of ‘courses’, although the café owner did bring it to the table instead of making us queue up. But it was the conversation with the truckies that really made the night. They were as delighted as we were.

    “We are here to defend you as you take ten tons of toilet tissue to Tiverton”

    • CherryPie says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the description of my day :-)

      If I was a bit nearer to the cadets I probably would have struck up a conversation with them, hoping they understood English as I only know the odd word in German.

      Thank you for sharing the story of your ‘dining out’. I can just picture the scene, it sounds like a lot of fun was had by all. You have me chuckling at the thought of it ;-)

      I know there were two such cafes near to Tern Hill, at least one of them is still there.

  4. Ginnie says:

    I tried to open comments on your Day 6 post, Cherry, but I got an error…. Perhaps you could check it out?

  5. liz says:

    that’s often me too, waiting at the bottom while Husband climbs to the heights!

    • CherryPie says:

      I enjoyed myself relaxing in the shade and soaking up the atmosphere. I was told the view from the top wasn’t really worth it and I had seen the best views on the walk to the tower.